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The following theoretical part shows aspects of the school-construction-discussions and shows certain standpoints of the work report in depth. After the foreword about the present situation in the school-construction-discussion (especially about the often cited third educator), learning will be roughly described. It will be followed by a comment about the meaning of architecture in the society and comments about the meaning of the school building within the discussion.

One chapter deals shortly with the pedagogical reform. This part, together with the cited literature, is supposed to encouraged further engagement to the subject. In general architects don't spend enough time preparing for educational subjects about theories like Piaget suggested.

Sociologist Sigmar Gude explains the participation of the planning of the school in depth. You will also find other examples of our projects.

Another article deals with the brain research about learning ensuing the school planning. The mentioned suggestions assume that the basic research about school building is not exceed general formulations.
Finally in a shortened version, the 6 piece series of lectures will be described. Unfortunately this presentation did not find any more interests, even though competent references could have been provided.

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